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What is Wagyu?
Hundreds of years ago, the Wagyu animal was used to work in the countryside of Japan. After these years, the Japanese population began to savor this delicious meat and through the time, these cattle were improved in quality of its genetics. The flavor of this meat is delicious due to its characteristic of having a meat with a marble design. It is recognized anywhere in the world as the KOBE BEEF.

Why is the Wagyu meat delicious?
The meat of Wagyu cattle has fat between its fibers; mixing itself with the red color of the meat it forms a marble design. The cooking process causes the fat to melt and the fibers that surround them result in becoming even more tender. When you are savoring the combination of the meat with the aroma of the fat, it causes the Wagyu meat to obtain a delicious and special flavor.

The characteristics of the Wagyu meat are:
Healthy and delicious.
When the meat is savored, it is often described as “substantial, tender”, and has a “pleasant aroma”. The “juicy and tender” characteristics are obtained through the amount of fat in the structure of the meat. And the quality of the same, gives a “smooth and the pleasant aroma” verifying the flavors of the Japanese Wagyu, that along with time, was improved and tested further more, until its flavor was recognized and accepted world-wide.

The production of the Wagyu meat in Paraguay
A Japanese company began with the Wagyu project several years ago, and began to raise the Wagyu cattle in 1999 acquiring semen and embryo from Brazil. The same ones were inseminated with cows of the race Brahman, and also Brangus. In January of 2000, the first Wagyu in Paraguay was born. Later on, starting the year 2003, the company A&E S.A. continued with the project of raising the F1 Wagyu in Paraguay.

These cattle are bred in a natural and healthy atmosphere, surrounded by abundant water and green grass under radiating and full sun vegetation; an environment free of contamination. A&E S.A offers security of products which controls every aspect of its products, starting from the insemination, raising, fattening, slaughtering, export and sales to the public。The rigorous company’s supervision allows a satisfying product.

The task is done in a slaughterhouse of Asuncion, which fully fulfills the standards of sanitary requirements for its maturity stationing period which gives the meat an even better flavor.

The Wagyu of A&E S.A. offers an authentic flavor of the Japanese Wagyu which can be enjoyed in your own house, in various dishes, some specials like the Beef Steak, Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu. Now you can enjoy with your family an ecological meat with the seal of guarantee by A&E S.A.

               Eijiro Hayashi

Presentation of the Production and Sales of the Wagyu Meat in Paraguay